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ZdG annually refuses offers of thousands of euros from obscure companies, which condition us not to publish some investigations, or ask us to promote the image of illegal businesses. ZdG has publicly stated that it refuses advertising contracts from people and institutions with integrity issues. This refusal ensures our editorial independence, but it does not ensure our financial autonomy. However, we mention the permanent and dedicated support provided by some small entrepreneurs or some partners. ZdG receives weekly ads for small advertising pages, including court subpoenas, but also opinions from businessmen who campaign for transparency and integrity. We hope that small businesses will continue to join this project, benefiting in turn from being promoted to a large community of engaged, intelligent, and responsible readers.

Place your ad in the Newspaper

The ZdG print edition is currently in a very good relationship with its subscribers. The number of subscribers is increasing every year and we know that the readers of the newspaper are basically the intellectuals in the villages and towns. They are intelligent, hardworking and very involved in the life of the communities. Introducing businesses to rural readers has always brought the desired results (construction, agriculture, health, justice, education) - people can't wait to know you!

Promote yourself online with ZdG

Ziarul de Gardă has pages on various platforms, where we have active communities of readers, who not only read, but also get involved and share the information they like with others. Advertorials can be a suitable way to promote a business if you choose to share them on our Facebook, Instagram, Telegram etc. pages.

Place your banners on the website

Our web page is among the most read web pages in Moldova, according to the Circulation and Internet Audit Bureau. Our online community can't wait to meet honest businesses from Moldova and anywhere in the world, as people from the diaspora make up more than a third of ZdG's readers. Together we can promote business and values!

Advertising package

If you aim to reach as diverse an audience as possible, then ZdG's Advertising Package is the right solution. Place an ad (banner, advertorial) in the most subscribed newspaper in Moldova + the same material on one of the most read portals in Moldova + promotion on some of the most popular press groups on social networks. Get exposure to various audiences and DISCOUNTS.

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