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This is a virtual space that unites us. Here come the people who believe in the power of investigations, in the changes we can make together. Thanks for coming here, we encourage you to explore the sections and please don't leave empty handed. Any support offered helps us continue the fight for truth, transparency, and integrity!

What is ZdG?

Ziarul de Gardă is the most extensive media group in Moldova, dedicated to journalistic investigations. ZdG was launched in 2004 and currently has:

  • The Romanian-language newspaper, which has the largest number of subscribers;
  • A trilingual portal (romanian, russian, english), dedicated to fighting corruption and promoting human rights;
  • A Youtube channel dedicated to fighting corruption;
  • Various pages in 3 languages ​​on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter.

ZdG is everywhere, in mailboxes, in the houses of people that live in villages, in officials' offices, in libraries, in foreign countries, on web pages of other outlets, on small screens, at radio stations, in prisons, in airports, in the hearts of thousands of subscribers and in the minds of the corrupt.

We promote transparency and human rights, serve the public interest through investigative journalism and balanced reporting. 

Who are ZdG journalists?

ZdG reporters show a lot of courage and persistence, they go out in the field every day, track corruption, ask deputies, ministers, judges and prosecutors uncomfortable questions, film and document the luxury mansions of dignitaries, check who is taking advantage of public money through rigged auctions.

Our journalists are highly regarded by the reading community as well as media professionals, but are often challenged by dignitaries with integrity issues.

According to the results of journalistic competitions, the Ziarul de Gardă reporters are the best at investigations, management and reporting in the field. Annually, ZdG journalists are awarded for their efforts in fighting corruption and promoting human rights.

Why does ZdG exist?

ZdG exists to inform the community about corruption and human rights, so that citizens can make informed and responsible decisions in their social and political life. We greatly appreciate the donors' support for a free society and for the strengthening of democracy in Moldova. In order to carry out various investigations and reports, ZdG benefits, following various competitions, from the support of a number of international organizations: Internews Moldova, the Canadian Embassy, ​​the Zinc Network from Great Britain, the US Embassy in Chisinau, the Transparent Justice Project, Free Press Unlimited, the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova (D.R.R.M.), USAID, EU Delegation, EU Council, Amnesty International Moldova.

ZdG is a press team that campaigns for access to information for everyone, but especially for people in difficulty. That's why we keep subscription prices as low as possible, and we offer content on the website and social media for free to everyone, in 3 languages. The Patreon account was launched in 2020, the day ZdG turned 16. We were very pleasantly surprised to receive dozens of messages of support from people in Moldova or abroad. Currently, more than 200 people give us a modest amount of $2.5 or $10 each month, which adds up to just over $1,000. It's a monthly amount that supports the ZdG editorial office and gives reporters opportunities to travel more, to investigate more illegalities, and to respond to more requests from citizens regarding the violations they observe. The support that we get on Patreon is a support for people who read ZdG materials for free on the Internet.

Why does ZdG need support?

Although we benefit from support from embassies or international organizations, these fundings are not permanent or lasting. Grants are obtained through serious competitions and have a limited term. Due to the fact that ZdG is always in financial precariousness, we decided to turn to the community of readers for support. Those who donate are aware that these materials cost money, and they are involved in providing voluntary support with a lot of empathy. Thank you!

What are the advantages of being part of the community?

ZdG offers people who fight illegalities, truthful information that helps them make autonomous decisions for a better life. ZdG shows people where the corruption is. By reading us, subscribing to ZdG, supporting us financially, you help us continue to do quality journalism. Thank you!

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